Automating auto dealers

Unified cloud based dealer management platform for all facets of independent and franchise dealers.

Problem: Highly competitive and highly regulated business for consumer credit, OFAC, Financing, vehicle registrations, vehicle taxes, and state fees. High rate of fraud, theft, and consumer identity concerns. Significant amount of personal identifying information and consumer and business security concerns. Large number of independent software companies with a myriad of minor solutions and a handful of legacy software companies with old and outdated software architecture. Legacy software providers extremely costly, and solutions highly complex and error prone.
Goals: Unify business operations from internet leads, sales/CRM, deal desking, service, and accounting. Leverage modern day messaging to maximize customer interactions. Use modern task workflow software to create operationally excellent business processes. Reach customers via digital retailing and simplify the business processes of sales, service and delivery.
Strategy: Adopt Autodeals as your primary operations software. The unified suite of software services include a fully integrated Accounting, CRM, lead routing, messaging, digital retailing, invoicing, inventory management, data feeds, deal/contracts management, service management and workflow management modules. Over 50 industry data feeds for vehicle history, service records, vehicle valuations, consumer credit, consumer identity, payment processing, and more.
Work Process: Dealer Management and supporting software activated next day. Dealer ready to start working deals in 50 states on the next day. Assessment performed for any dealer specialty forms, and contracts that need to be added. Data to be migrated to new system identified and ported within one week. Accounting assessment performed and accounting activated within one week. Training started and performed over three days for sales, management, service, and accounting.
Summary: Auto Dealer activated and up and running immediately. Fully functioning migration replacing three software contracts and eliminating the need to purchase others. Management can now see end to end performance of their automotive deals and the accounting financials are reported in real time.

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