Solving FTC Safeguards Rule for Dealerships

Dealers and businesses that require an information security plan to meet the FTC Safeguards rule for their customer data can work with our security team to quickly meet this need.

Problem: Dealers need to safeguard their customer information from criminal and malicious actors. A written information security plan is required by the Federal Trade Commission, and non-compliance can result in hefty fines up to $50,000. One breach of customer information could result in total loss of your business. The cost to achieve an information security program can be seemingly high if you choose expensive security consultants to build it.
Goal: Rapidly create an information security plan and incident handling process that is sized to your dealership and can be managed effectively. Maintain a reasonable cost to creating and maintaining the plan by a trusted supplier.
Strategy: Autodeals has a fixed price information security program that is based on 20 years of experience assessing security risks, and building information security programs for large and small businesses. We have a packaged solution that can be delivered in less than 1 week for many small or medium sized dealers.
Work Process: Autodeals helps you complete an initial list of 50 questions, and then we provide an information security program in written form. The plan will be in place and we can go further to a 159 question list for a more in-depth risk assessment and more developed plan. We can also provide consulting to a complete payment card industry certification for businesses that need to achieve this milestone.
Summary: Autodeals can immediately reduce your risk of non-compliance and drastically improve your business security posture with a number of small steps. We have all the forms, policy, procedures and documentation you need to establish your security program.

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