Consolidating Multi-location Dealership to one dealer software solution

Dealership grew to three locations with three instances of dealer management software.

Problem: Dealership had three locations using different software. Each location was operated differently, and reported information differently. The software for each site was not available remotely, and had to be managed by travelling to the location. The software had limited fraud protection, required significant software support, and had limited functions without significant cost.
Goal: Consolidate software for all three locations into a single cloud solution. Run each store consistently, with consistent forms, reports, and business processes. Control fraud and audit all stores consistently. Be able to manage and provide oversight to deals, customer communications, and accounting from anywhere.
Strategy: Leverage a consolidated cloud based Dealer management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting system across all locations. Autodeals provides this solution along with Workflow and a Service Center.
Work Process: Pilot location for the Dealership was activated next day and training setup with in three days. The dealership was doing deals on the first day after activation while the DATA was migrated from the existing store. Training was performed for accounting over a three day period and the entire first location was up and running in one week. The remaining two stores and data migrations occurred after the first full month of operations of the pilot site.
Summary: Dealership was able to quickly consolidate into one central system, that was fully mobile, fully integrated, and faster that any of the previous single site locations. Now the entire dealership business is always backed-up, and online 24x7.

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